Frequently Asked Questions

Protecting interior unpainted surfaces;

We will thoroughly protect unpainted surfaces such as floors, unpainted windows and doors, furniture, plants, and fixtures. We will use professional painters’ drop cloths, large rolls of lightweight plastic sheeting, plastic tarps, and large rolls of butcher/rosin paper, tape and small paper machines as needed. I PROMISE we will not block you in, or tape you up!

Where will we start?

We usually start upstairs and work our way downstairs, or from the back to the front. You may select the room(s) you wish to start, if you have a preference. We will cover all of the flooring as needed, then plastic-off our working area to help reduce floating-dust from setting elsewhere.

How many rooms will we start and finish each day?

We will try to start and complete the room(s) we begin in the morning. This all depends on how much protection, preparation, and number of coats needed, and how many colors per room. We could spend anywhere from a half-day per room, to as many as three days per room. Normal rooms will take anywhere from just under a day, to one and half days each.

Do we paint inside your closets and cabinets?

This will be up to you. We will give you a separate price to paint inside cabinets and closets, however it will be up to you to empty-out, and put back all of the items. We usually paint inside the cabinets and closets after the room(s) has been painted, so you can use the bed and/or floor space to temporarily store items from the closets/cabinets.

Where will we sleep? What about the odors? Is it best to leave?

We will only be painting a few rooms/areas at a time. If we complete your room before we leave for the day, then by all means you can sleep there. Some types of enamel paints will take much longer to dry (3-4 hours, or overnight) than regular ceiling/wall paints which typically take (30 to 90 minutes). As far as the primer/paint odors they will linger from 2 to 5 days (lessening each day) depending on how sensitive you are. It would be best to ask your doctor ahead of time if you have any questions, or are not sure.

There are Low-Odor paints we can use! Ask to see if they are available for your specific job.

What do we have to take down and move ahead of time before the painters arrive?

We will move and/or cover the heavy items/furniture. If you would please remove the small, light, and breakables items from tables, desks and the like, and place them in safe area where we are not working. Hutches will need to be empty if we are to move them, and bookshelves will need to be empty to paint inside them.

What abou​t our current pictures, painting, art, etc. and their hangers?

It will be up to you to take down, store and put back all pictures and paintings. (Heavy items we can help you with) You can mark the nails, screws, and hooks with low-tack-tape, post-it-notes that you wish removed. The nails, screws, and hooks not tagged will remain to be painted around and or over. The tagged hangers will be removed by us, holes patched, (textured if needed) primed and finish painted. Or, we will remove all hangers, and we will patch them all. Are you getting new curtains, blinds? Do the old rods need to be removed, and the holes patched? Let us know.