Advanced Painting Contractors is a full service paint contracting company

They serve the Los Angeles South Bay and the surrounding areas. We have provided quality long lasting work, high end materials, and great customer service from start to finish since 1983.

Our Quality

Our, my experience started in 1983.  We have always been striving to make improvements along the way, in all areas, from trade techniques to customer satisfaction which has kept us in business for over 30 years, and for that, we have Our Customers to Thank!  Our motto; “The Prep Goes In, Before the Paint Goes On”, is our core belief that a quality end-project starts with the preparation which can be up to 60% of the project.  We take extra steps throughout the preparation process, that are not always seen right away, but show up in the longevity of our projects.

Some of these extra preparation steps include: hot-water power washing, mildew/moss and surface dirt removal, to achieve a clean surface prior to the primer or paint.  High-end caulking and patching materials, 2-part epoxy, acrylic adhesives, de-glossers, primer and paint conditioners, 2-part finishes, and simply proper protection of items/surfaces not to be painted, just to give you an idea for starters.

We are licensed, bonded and do not use subs.

Our Services

Both exterior and interior painting with our specialty teams, which handle single-family residential homes, HOA’s, multi-units, commercial, light industrial, institutional, hospitality, high rise and all kinds of projects in between.  We work with homeowners, paint manufacturers, property managers, specification writers, architects, contractors, designers, and color consultants.

Both a C-33 441425, CA Painting license (Advanced Painting Contractors Co., Inc.), and a B-1 571114 General Contractor’s Building license (Rick Mirabito Contractors) we can accommodate a vast majority of your needs with quality workmanship and materials, including, carpentry and iron work before painting, with our full time in-house carpenters.  Need rain gutters? (Rick’s Rain Gutters Est. in 1996) you bet we can handle that too!

We can’t do it all, rest assured, if we don’t have satisfied customers to give you as references for the work and scope you are requesting, we will let you know up front, and won’t even price it out.

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